Download lol Mod Skin Pro {LATEST 2020 WORKING} 2020

Lol mod skin is a program that lets you change the skin of your hero in the game of league of legends. League of Legends is basically multiplayer online battle arena MOBA game which was released on 27 October 2009, it has globally 67 million active monthly players. lol mod skin pro program is a great way to change your hero skin for free. The program is available for all league of legends players from different countries Eg; Europe, British, America, China and Russia. so in this article, I am gonna tell you how you can Download mod skin lol and all pros and cons. There are a lot of fake articles which are providing false information about lol mod skin. Just Follow my step by step procedure for proper installation of the Mod skin lol.



  • Mod skin lol is a great way to review any skin of your hero without buying it.
  • The software is completely free, You don’t need to pay a single penny for lol mod skin 2019.
  • It gives you an amazing experience of the game with great music which is most important for your victory.
  • Mod skin lol 2019 is available for the many countries eg, Europe, America, China, Russia, Brazil, Philippines etc.
  • The software doesn’t take too much space, It has the only a size of 4KB.
  • You can review any skin before actually purchasing it.
  • It has many different mods eg, Auto mod, Mod Skin team, Mod Skin default enemy.

F.A.Q (frequently asked questions)

Before heading to the downloading link, Here are the some frequently asked questions about league of legends mod skin.

Is it safe to use LOL mod skin Pro?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use this software if you play it safe.

Is mod skin lol is the part of riot games?

No, Skin mod lol is not part of the riot games. it is third-party software.

Will I get ban for using lol mod skin?

Well, it is the most asking question until now. the answer is you will not get a ban by using this software. Most people got a ban by other suspicious activities and blame this software.

Download lol mod skin pro 2019


download mod skin lol from below link.

How To Use Mod skin lol Pro

Many people don’t know how to install and use mod skin tool, Below are some steps follow them to properly install the tool.

Step1) Download the tool from the above given link.

Step2) After downloading the tool extract it into your desired folder.

Step3) Now you will see LOL PRO 9.3.2.exe file, right click on it and choose “Run as Administrator

Step4) Now launch the LOL client.

Step5) Choose your favourite hero which you want to apply the skin.

Step6) Now select the mod you want to use on the left column while you can see the preview on the right column.

Step7) Now Just tick on “Auto Mod Skin” and click on “Activate Skin” Button.

Step8) Now just enjoy the match with awesome skins and music.


Mod skin lol is a great software if we use it safely, mostly people who got ban are because of using it in the wrong way or cheating even official statement of riot games said “In our case, we’ve made a decision that custom skins/splashes aren’t necessarily hurting the business. Our business is in making our players happy – the ability to custom stuff is likely what keeps certain people interested in our game, and acts as a force multiplier for other people. From that perspective, banning people is incredibly stupid. We’re forcing people out of our game, and lessening the experience of other players, for no real clear benefit. source- Riot Games”. so just go and enjoy the game with amazing skins.


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